what alumni of the camp and coaches clinic are saying about their experience.

I wanted to just tell you how much I appreciate the opportunity of being a part of such a great experience this past weekend.  I am very grateful and just want you to know that it really has given me a better understanding of the game and has made me want to do better because I know better!
— Ashton Edmunds (Player)

You and your camp truly changed me and I’ve been a completely different player and person since. After the camp I spent this whole summer working like crazy, losing weight and perfecting my skills and now I’m a very different player. I couldn’t thank you enough for the opportunity you gave me and the inspiration that came from the camp.
— Matt Waggett (Player)
I wanted to express my gratitude and appreciation for your camp and what it has done for me. This opportunity has allowed me to meet some great coaches who have already expressed some interest in helping me as I move along in my career.
— Muhamadou Kaba (Coaches Development Program)


Thanks for being so good to me and so good to our players and my kids. It is a great treat to come over and work the camp and see my kids get better but also a great thrill to coach and teach with eager coaches and coaches without egos.  Lots of fun and what you two have done is to allow a great teaching and learning environment to help young kids and young coaches.
— John Shulman (Camp Coach)
I appreciate all of the planning you did to make it happen – from contracts to walk-throughs and the camp’s social media posts.
 We were all impressed with the camp and the atmosphere you created there.   
— Snyders-Lance (Sponsorship Partner)